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We don’t expect one of the most popular members of the family to get left behind so have several dog friendly vehicles and love to greet your furry friends - many of which have become firm favourites with us over the years. 
We love dogs ourselves and as a result we do not charge for them and are very happy for one, or even 2 to go out in some vehicles but prefer them not to be on the seats. We also expect there to be little or no evidence that they were in there. Most companies charge around £20 -£50 per dog but we only charge if there is excessive dog hair on return or any damage. Over the years we have been trading I think that we lost one gear knob due an over enthusiastic pup. 
All vehicles are spotlessly cleaned before and after and in all our years of trading no-one has come back saying that they noticed there had been a dog in there before which is testament, along with our reviews, to the fabulous condition that we send our vehicles out in. 
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